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Prasad & Company LLP has over 35 years of corporate, business, and personal accounting experience. With headquarters location in Thornhill, Ontario and an office in Vancouver, B.C. Our accounting firm is looking forward to assisting you and your business.


Business Accounting Solutions in Vancouver

Assurance Services

Our accounting firm provides an extensive range of assurance services for various corporations and organizations, no matter the size of the company. Our team of designated CPA’s and CPA students work diligently and efficiently to ensure your year-end or interim Audited, Reviewed, or Compiled financials are accurate, understandable, and delivered on time to the relevant parties: shareholders, management, banks, etc.

Tax Planning Services & Preparation

The tax professionals at Prasad & Company LLP have the knowledge and experience to assist with the preparation and filing of your tax returns. Moreover, our firm’s strong technical expertise allows us to design and implement the most efficient tax structure whatever your needs may be.

Business Advisory

Our Chartered Professional Accountants are always diligently working with our clients to improve and develop the value of their business. We can assist our clients in all their financial needs, such as financing requests, projections, and business plans.

Business Succession Planning

We provide expert estate and business succession planning that aligns with your vision and objectives for the wealth you may have amassed over the years. Understanding your current situation and what you want it to look like after retirement or demise is crucial to ensure the longevity of the fruits of your hard work.

CTO Services

With the rapid change in technology, it is crucial for businesses to consistently enhance strategy and internal IT. It is also vital to ensure the growth of your business is supported by the right IT system for you. Our team of IT experts will analyse your current IT environment, identify issues/faults, and recommend improvements and new systems to streamline your internal processes and allow you to reallocate your focus and energy from back-office admin functions to your actual business.

Why choose Prasad for Corporate Accounting needs

We offer a variety of services to a host of industries. Whether a start-up or an existing business, our “hands-on” management consulting responsibilities have assisted our clients in the development and performance of their businesses. The diversity in the range of industries we serve stems largely from the boutique nature of our firm, which has allowed employees to specialize in various areas and become highly skilled in their respective fields.

We take pride in our reputation for providing quality client services and reliable solutions. We are committed to bringing exceptional value to the marketplace by consistently providing up-to-date knowledge of today’s changing economic and business conditions.

Prasad & Company LLP offers a full range of services including corporate accounting, business advisory, assurance, tax planning and preparation, estate and business succession planning, as well as CTO services. As advisors, our firm has developed and continues to maintain a reputation of providing quality and reliable solutions to our clients. With extensive knowledge of current accounting practices, Prasad & Company LLP simply provides clients with reliable solutions that make sense.


We’re Working With

As a member firm of Alliott Global Alliance, we work "Together as One" being a part of the top 20 international associations of independent accounting and law firms. Alliott’s diligent member firm selection process ensures that membership is only granted to professional firms that can meet the strict criteria to safeguard the highest standards in providing quality multidisciplinary services to clients around the globe.


Meet the Prasad Team

Pramen Prasad

Managing Partner

Ajen Prasad


Jeremy Horne

Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Peyman Khayati


Imagine a Career with a Rockstar Team

Here at Prasad & Company LLP we attribute our success to all of our committed and talented employees. Joining our team means joining the firm’s most valuable asset, bar none. Working at our firm will allow you to work within one of the top mid-sized accounting firms in the country, alongside a team of professionals who promise to deliver high level results through their expertise, integrity, as well as passion for their work. We support the growth of our staff by offering professional development courses, a diverse and inclusive environment, as well as exposure to the full range of services provided to our clients, therefore ensuring that our staff grow into well-rounded professionals.


Guides to Make the Right Decision

Personal Tax Templates

  • Statement of Rental Income and Expenses
  • Statement of Donation Expenses
  • Statement of Medical Expenses

Tax Rates & Tables

  • CRA - Corporation Tax Rates
  • CRA - Personal Income Tax Rates

Tax Articles & News

  • Tax, Tips and Traps - Issue 135 - 3rd Quarter 2021
  • Tax, Tips and Traps - Issue 134 - 2nd Quarter 2021
  • Tax, Tips and Traps - Issue 133 - 1st Quarter 2021

Business Matters

  • Business Matters - Volume 35, Issue 3 (June 2021)
  • Business Matters - Volume 35, Issue 2 (April 2021)
  • Business Matters - Volume 35, Issue 1 (February 2021)

Knowledge Base

What types of clients do you work with?
The diversity in the range of industries we serve stems largely from the size of our firm, which has allowed our employees to specialize in various areas to become highly skilled in their respective fields. Our team has experience with information technology, software development, education, healthcare, restaurants, cannabis, real estate development, suppliers, distributors, transportation, and investment holding companies, among other businesses. With our integration and proactive approach, we facilitate quick decision-making and provide our clients with direct access to all our professionals who will continuously address your specific needs and goals.
How much are your fees?
Every person is unique. Every business is different. That is why we like to discuss your personal and business needs, assess your financial information, review past individual/corporate tax returns, any shareholder agreements, and more. This way we can provide you with a tailored scope of work and favourable fee quotes for your projects so that it all suits your needs and budget.
Can you assist me with obtaining funding if the major banks have refused to help me?
We can certainly assist you with getting funds from uncommon sources if your bank has declined you a loan or refused to increase your credit. Our team of financial advisors has direct links to the major banks as well as other lenders, such as the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). We will do all the research about your business and personal situation to put together a proper application for you. We will conduct meetings on your behalf and do our best to get you the funds you need.

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