Working with Prasad & Company LLP over the years has proven to be the right decision. Their guidance and expertise allowed us to grow our company into a great success. Their team of accounting and bookkeeping experts also helped us save a great deal of time and money, and ultimately, we were able to successfully sell our business for an extremely profitable amount due to their smart financial planning and effective negotiation support. I would not hesitate to recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for a long-lasting strategic partner who can also achieve the best tax results for you and your business.
I spent over an hour on a call with Ajen and Boris going over the tax liabilities from the acquisition. It really was not until that call that I realized all the things that you have put in place on our behalf over the years to achieve such fantastic tax results. I didn’t know at the time when you were recommending restructuring, more holding companies, and the family trusts, what an advantage and tax saving they would be in the end. I know from the beginning many years or decades ago, there was no clear path to the finish line, or even what the finish line might look like. However, you and your team sure got us there with some tremendous tax savings. It felt like it was taking forever to get the tax results, but now I understand why. I just wanted to thank you Pramen and the rest of the team for the foresight, planning, and execution of the tax strategy. Great job Prasad & Company LLP!
I have been doing some diligence on Prasad & Company LLP and you have a very good reputation. No surprise I am sure to you but thought that you would appreciate hearing this as something is working in your business.
I am sincerely thankful to the team for the hard work that went into my request for financing. BDC called me specifically and spoke highly about the quality of work from Prasad & Company. They indicated that I should be grateful to have great advisors. BDC also indicated that they did 2% and that your team did 98%. The write up and projections were thorough and it’s the best they have seen from any CPA firm thus far.
We have relied on Prasad for more than a decade. Their wide range of services includes accounting, tax planning and compliance, corporate finance, succession planning, and M&A. We were particularly impressed and grateful when they recently helped us sell our family business to a large Canadian food distribution company.
Our custom manufacturing work requires a partner as experienced and professional as Prasad & Company. They have provided accounting, tax planning and compliance, corporate finance, succession planning, and mergers & acquisitions assistance.
Our heavy duty truck sales company has come to rely on the expertise of Prasad & Company for all of our accounting and tax planning. They are knowledgeable in both Canadian and American compliance, as well as general corporate finance, and M&A.
We recently made the switch to Prasad & Company LLP and this has already proved to be one of the best decisions we could have made. Prasad & Company LLP came highly recommended from the Royal Bank of Canada. Pramen is always on top of everything for us, always has our best interest in mind, and strives in helping our companies to be most profitable. Prasad & Company LLP is becoming like family and is always just a phone call away to guide and assist us. If you are thinking about changing accounting firms, don't think twice – Prasad & Company LLP makes the decision very easy.
Prasad & Company has been our trusted advisor since day one in all aspects of our Engineering, Design and Construction and Project management services. They provide a wide range of assistance for us including accounting, tax, finance, corporate strategy, and mergers & acquisitions. We have been especially impressed.
Prasad & Co’s extensive knowledge, partnership and collaborative approach have provided us with the opportunity to assess our corporate financial platform and enhance our growth. Their outstanding advisory services in tax planning and corporate financing combined with accuracy and motivation to service their clients are paramount to any business with the drive to achieve above average financial results.
I have used the services of Prasad & Company since 2005. My group of companies have benefited from the relationship immensely. As we have grown, they have been able to help us to navigate the complexities of filing taxes in both Canada and the US, arranging financing and lines of credit, preparing forecasts, budgets and advising on mergers and accusations. Prasad & Company is a valued partner and we would highly recommend them to companies that require expert advise and accounting services. We look forward to continuing to work together into the future.
Thank you so much for your support Pramen. I really enjoy working with you and your team.
Working with Pramen has been an absolute pleasure. The staff at Prasad & Company LLP is professional and their advice is appreciated and steeped in deep experience. We are thrilled to be working with them and would recommend them without reservation or qualification.
Prasad & Company has been a trusted partner for an incredible fifty years. We take advantage of accounting, tax planning and compliance, corporate finance, succession planning, and M&A.
Prasad & Company has provided timely assistance to our law firm. Their work has been especially important with respect to estate litigation matters and they have also provided accounting and tax planning services.
Remarkably, Prasad & Company has been working with us since the mid-1960s, which is proof of their reliability and good service. Amongst other things they do accounting, tax planning and compliance, corporate finance, succession planning, and M&A.
Pramen Prasad has been working with us since our inception in 1993. The Prasad & Company LLP team of accountants have developed a forensic and systematic approach to analyzing payments made to our clients to ensure that proper compensation is paid. In several instances, as a result of their combined efforts, our clients have received additional compensation, sometimes as high as one hundred percent more than what was originally offered as full settlement by a given Trustee or other fiduciary.
We have had an excellent relationship with Prasad & Company for 10 years and they have acted as a close advisor in our transportation business. Their work includes general accounting, Canadian and US tax planning and compliance, as well as corporate finance.
We would like to thank Prasad & Company for all their hard work. They have consistently provided timely reporting as required by lenders. Their assistance with complex accounting and tax planning matters has been superb.
Special thanks and mention to Aleksandr Reutov – he patiently worked through the nitty gritty and all the nuances in our file. It’s awesome how he took full ownership on the integrity of the numbers and patiently solved the problems and challenges we threw at him at different times! Thanks again to the Prasad & Company team!

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