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Tax Rules for Canadians Abroad

Residence status is one of the main determinants of your tax obligations to Canada. For this reason, it's always advisable to check your residence status if you plan to live or work abroad. This is because, depending on your residence status, you may still need to pay income tax even if you live or work abroad. Learn More

The Panama Papers Explained

There have been several intelligence leaks and scandals about big companies and federal governments throughout North American and European history. Watergate, WikiLeaks, the Luxembourg Tax Files, HSBC Files, and the Pentagon Papers are a few that come to mind. Learn More

Why Should You Have Cash Flow Projections?

When used the right way, the cash flow projection is one of the most critical functions of a finance team – particularly in the context of a start-up business. Several studies conducted over the last few years have listed a company running out of cash as one of the reasons for failure. Learn More