Business Advisory

Prasad & Company LLP’s advisory professionals are dedicated to working closely with clients to advance and enhance the value of their business. Already trusted advisors to a wide array of businesses, ranging from small to large corporations at all stages of the business cycle, we are able to utilize our insights and expertise to provide a clear and organized path for the future of your business.

Prasad & Company LLP can assist your business with financial projections. This is in addition to communicating financing arrangements with banks and private lenders, going over shareholders agreements, and developing business plans. Other related services that our staff members help with include business mergers and divestments, transactional due diligence, buy-sell agreements, and transaction management.


A manufacturing client joined our firm while they were in the process of selling their business.

Strategy & Result:

During the initial consultation, we determined that the company had not applied for the SR&ED Investment Tax Credit in previous years and would likely qualify. We brought in a SR&ED consulting firm to assist in the engineering and scientific aspect of the claim. We prepared the amended tax returns. The SR&ED claim was successful and approximately $2 million cash was injected into the company. The resulting purchase price of the business was increased on a dollar-for-dollar basis.


Our client started their business in 1989 and has been very successful since its inception. However, the client was unhappy with its financing and business relationship with its bank.

Strategy & Result:

We provided alternative banking arrangements on a term key basis with minimal interference to the client's business.


Our client needed investment analysis information because the related recovery of funds from various levels of government can maximize revenue.

Strategy & Result:

We provided investment tools and analysis to the client's business and assisted them with enforcing legislative changes.


Mr. X and Mr. Y have been friends and partners in business and real estate investments. Mr. Y retired years ago, which left Mr. X responsible for business affairs.

Mr. Y continued to own shares in real estate investments with Mr. X. Mr. Y passed away suddenly, which left Mrs. Y to deal with estate matters. She did not want to continue owning his investments with Mr. X.

Strategy & Result:

We successfully divided assets held jointly by Mr. X & Mrs. Y, ensuring that personal objectives on both sides were achieved.


Our client started to plan a retail business concept in 2001. The retail store officially opened in 2002. After 18 months, the client decided it may be lucrative to sell the business.

Strategy & Result:

We assisted the client in a complete assessment of all of their business issues by preparing startup projections. We assisted in automation, financial management, and shareholder agreements. By developing operating budgets, performance evaluations techniques and models, we assisted our client in developing an appropriate strategy for a successful sale. Our in-depth involvement resulted in the sale of the business for approximately 17 times the original investment.

Prasad & Company LLP offers corporate finance consulting services to support critical financial decisions in M&A, financing, capital structure, and capital allocation. As businesses evolve, we understand that their financing needs become more complex, and growth priorities can shift. With our seasoned corporate finance and accounting expertise, we have trusted advisors to private and owner-operated companies to support value creation efforts that generate sustainable shareholder returns.

Financing Decisions

Our team works directly with clients to recommend financing alternatives (debt, equity, hybrid) that achieve business needs while optimizing the cost of capital. Some of our specialty areas in this domain include helping businesses with the following:

  • Raising finance to support capital expenditures and/or other organic growth initiatives
  • Raising finance to support the acquisition of a business or its asset(s)
  • Recapitalizations and bridge financing to monetize equity
  • Refinancing existing credit facilities with senior or mezzanine lenders
  • Communicating and coordinating financing arrangements with banks and private lenders

Investing Decisions

A sound strategic plan is only as good as its tactical execution. We assist clients in forming a data-driven, agile investment plan for informed capital allocation through rigorous analysis and scenario planning. In turn, this provides management teams with structured frameworks for investment decision-making and helps them manage risk while growing long-term shareholder value.

Our practice further encompasses M&A advisory, where we help businesses evaluate, acquire, and integrate targets to accelerate growth and gain access to new markets. We can support clients through each step of the process here, from the development of an acquisition strategy to conducting outreach with targets, triangulating valuations, leading negotiations, and ultimately closing a successful acquisition. We also have a successful track record in sell-side mandates to position companies for sale to both strategic and financial buyers and help them realize the maximum value from their business.

Some of our key areas of expertise include:

  • Establishing a pipeline of potential targets based on strategic fit and financial feasibility
  • Developing valuations, financial models and funding structures for prospective transactions
  • The performing company, industry, and financial due diligence to identify and flag risks
  • Coordinating internal teams and external advisors to run seamless transaction processes
  • Advising on post-acquisition integration efforts

Corporate Finance Optimization

Prasad & Company LLP also provides business planning and optimization advisory to management teams, Board members, and shareholders. Our key capabilities are as follows:

  • Reviewing and structuring shareholder and partnership agreements
  • Crafting long-term business plans for the strategic direction and capital-raising purposes
  • Evaluating various strategic options and performing feasibility studies and returns analysis to deliver financial advice to key decision-makers

Why choose Prasad & Company LLP?

Our firm was built keeping the interests of the Canadian entrepreneur in mind. Through changing regulations, dynamic industry forces, and emerging technology paradigms, we have been the go-to resource for small- and mid-sized businesses due to our track record of conceiving and executing game-changing ideas that take them to the next phase of their growth trajectory.


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