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How much are your fees?
Every person is unique. Every business is different. That is why we like to discuss your personal and business needs, assess your financial information, review past individual/corporate tax returns, any shareholder agreements, and more. This way we can provide you with a tailored scope of work and favourable fee quotes for your projects so that it all suits your needs and budget.
Can you assist me with obtaining funding if the major banks have refused to help me?
We can certainly assist you with getting funds from uncommon sources if your bank has declined you for a loan or refused to increase your credit. Our team of experts have direct links to the major banks as well as other lenders, such as the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). We will do all the research about your business and personal situation to put together a proper application for you. We will conduct meetings on your behalf and do our best to get you the funds you need.
What is QuickBooks Online (QBO) and are there other ways to track my receipts to save time?
QBO is a great way to import bank and credit card transactions so that you can have them easily reconciled with your receipts. Since you must keep your receipts for any expenses you may incur, using an application to store your receipts is a quick and easy way to track your expenses. Electronic copies save you time, money, and sanity. By digitally organizing your receipts, these apps categorize your receipts as well as statements and invoices, and then publish the correct amounts to the accounting software such as QBO which makes bookkeeping and accounting much easier. You can always download your statements, invoices, and receipts if you need a physical copy. This is also acceptable by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). You can always reach out to one of our bookkeeping experts if you have any questions.

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