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As technology rapidly changes, it is essential for businesses to consistently enhance their company’s internal information technology (IT) programming and strategy. The skillset of a chief technology officer (CTO) within an organization can truly enhance your business’ technology integration as well as streamline your IT practices.

However, the full-time function of a CTO may not be useful for your unique corporate plan. It is often more cost-effective to engage a professional company with an expert in these specific areas rather than spending time and money to have an employee (or yourself) learn what needs to be done.

Outsourcing a CTO’s services offers a more cost-effective solution than hiring full-time talent. With short term outsourcing, you receive specialized consulting and service solutions for the duration you need.

At Prasad & Company LLP, we offer several IT optimization and consulting services that utilize the knowledge and expertise of our in-house CTO. As a direct cost-to-results service, we can tailor our expertise to any organizational concern.

Whether a client requires a one-time project or an on-demand consultancy, we strive to work with them and deliver the exact solutions needed to get the project done right the first time.

About Our CTO

Roger brings a wealth of knowledge to Prasad & Company with over 24 years of IT industry experience. In 2004, Roger built a successful business on his own. After obtaining his Certificate in Project Management from Ryerson University in 2009, he developed his skills further through working internationally and in managerial positions for large companies such as Cineplex, London Life, and Nuance Communications. In 2013, Roger developed his skillset further by receiving his PMP designation from PMI.

His diverse and professional background includes in-depth work in areas such as:

Enterprise farms and application management
Disaster recovery design and implementations
Managing software development teams
Enterprise business strategic management and change management

For inquiries regarding these services and more for your business, contact Roger at roger@prasadcpa.com

Business Process Mapping & Re-Design

We will review your current business process from A to Z, assess your requirements strategically, as well as plan and automate tasks.

When an IT process isn’t performing at a peak state, it can make the other moving parts in your operation less powerful. A business process re-design provides a complete renovation of your company’s key business processes with the goal of achieving a significant leap in performance measures.

With this service, your business can be redesigned and encompass the full range of critical processes from manufacturing and production, to sales and customer service. A few tasks that would be completed include:

  • Identification and review
  • Process analyzation and updates
  • Roadmap creation
  • Solution proposals
  • Solution implementation

Business Process Automation (BPA)

Automation is key in the new technologically advanced world, and our goal is to look at where your team can save time by automating tasks.

The business process automation (BPA) service provides information and data process management that help reduce costs, resources, and investment. When BPA is fully utilized, the routine creates efficiency by automating key business processes for your entire company in a synergized state.

The BPA process is geared toward implementing software applications to automate routine business tasks through initiation, execution, and completion. It is a service that can drastically improve your business’ overall performance.

A few tasks that would be completed include:

  • Information management
  • Data management
  • Cost and resource reduction
  • Artificial intelligence implementation
  • Software updates and automation

IT Infrastructure Analysis

IT infrastructure analysis is the evaluation of the foundation and framework that supports either a system or organization.

Solution Technology Design

This involves assessing the needs and defining the correct application software and/or hardware to improve processes.

Key tasks include:

  • System and organization framework evaluations
  • In-depth company assessments
  • Gap and requirement identification
  • Network audits for improved performance
  • Bandwidth optimization

Solution Implementation

Once the proper solution is created for your business system’s goals and needs, our service ensures these steps are integrated smoothly using multiple program languages and resources.

We will work with your internal team to implement all of our solutions. In addition, we are willing to fully implement the solutions should your internal team be unable to do so on their own.

Technical Audit & Recommendations

Designing workstations that are optimally engineered can be a great addition to your workforce’s efficiency and dynamic. As computers equipped with one or more high resolution displays and a faster processing unit, workstations are perfect for the demand of project multitasking capability. We can create workstation solutions that fit your company’s vision.

Networking, also known as computer networking, is the practice of transporting and exchanging data over a shared medium in an information system. It also refers to the management, maintenance, and operation of the network infrastructure, software, and policies.

Key tasks include:

  • Auditing your network infrastructure and determining if it’s working to its optimal potential
  • Identifying issues and providing performance improvements

A server is one of the key elements of your business IT systems. It is a computer, device, or program that is dedicated to maintaining and managing your network properties. It can host many types of servers and their unique functions. Our service can ensure this core piece of equipment is optimized for your business needs. We will assess the requirements based on the utilization of the server and define a scope that will work for your corporate needs.

To maintain the integrity and security of a private network, a firewall is a must-have. Used to block unauthorized and harmful access either to or from private networks, they are an important implementation feature of a comprehensive and secure IT system. They are also used to create a barrier between unauthorized web users or illicit software and your private business IT network. Our firewall services will ensure your business is able to function at the highest level with peace of mind.

The importance of having a highly secure IT system cannot be understated. With the incredible amount of high level security breaching happening to thousands of IT systems each day, cybersecurity will be a critical component of your overall IT plan.

Cybersecurity refers to preventative methods used to protect information from being stolen, compromised, or attacked. Strategies include identity management, risk management, and incident management. An in-depth review of your current cybersecurity system and a generated comprehensive plan are included in this service.

When failures happen with your implemented technology system, a disaster recovery plan outlines the process and/or set of procedures to recover and protect your business’s IT infrastructure.

Our disaster recovery services will include:

  • Auditing your current disaster recovery and backup solution
  • Assessing gaps
  • Identifying optimal backup strategies to include onsite, offsite, and online backups

This service comprehensively reviews your application estate and provides the necessary insight you need to support your decision-making process. Reports, metrics, and statistics are tailored to your situation.

Our CTO will assist you in determining what applications best suit your corporate needs, as well as define a path to migrate to new applications or upgrade from existing applications..

A few tasks that would be completed include:

  • Planning effectively for and management of a range of IT change projects
  • Modernizing applications

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