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Bram Kobric

Senior Tax Accountant

Bram joined Prasad & Company LLP in 2022 as a Senior Tax Specialist. He has graduated from McMaster University with Bachelor of Science in 2009, a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in 2011 and an Accounting Diploma in 2016.  In addition, Bram has passed his CFE in 2018 and completed his CPA tax Program in 2022.

Bram is passionate of providing a high-quality accounting service to his clients. He stives to learn and apply all his knowledge to assist clients in Canada’s ever changing tax environment.

In addition to his past experience, Bram was responsible for managing the Toronto Enterprise personal tax season as a T1 Coordinator and has prepared training sessions for new and existing staff properly preparing personal tax returns.

In his spare time, Bram enjoys swimming, camping, and watching movies.

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